Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Studio Spring Cleaning :D

This long weekend was spent with my loving and supportive parents, and of course, my other half, Darren.  Together we all made my studio an even cosier little nook to help me be even more creative!

I love being surrounded by all of my completed art works as well as art from other artists that inspire me.  I also can't help but feel the warmth from my (essential) candle collection and of course the memories I get from looking at the trinkets I have collected while travelling.

Here is my "desk" where I create my art pieces and do my online promotion.  In this picture you can see the new addition of an office chair and my new computer (which I was forced to purchase a couple of weeks ago when my previous computer died on me suddenly while trying to complete my website).  The chair was a definite "must have" when I decided to try and make my art career a full time job.  Darren (who also works from home) and I were both having back issues and so we treated ourselves to these awesome chairs.

This is perhaps the most important new addition ... or at least it makes the biggest difference to me.  Over the weekend my parents used their car (we do not have one as we find it isn't necessary in the city) to help us by this cabinet!  As an artist, I'm sure you can imagine, I had canvases and art supplies piled all over my studio.  As much as a love a lot of "stuff" in my home, it had really become too much.  Thanks to my father and Darren for building this for me ... I couldn't be happier!

The two top pieces are from the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican, Rome, Italy.  I was lucky enough to see these masterpieces by Michelangelo in person and just thinking about the experience brings tears of joy to my eyes.  Beneath them are my wooden frames I made while in high school and they contain two prints of my pieces "As It Comes ..." and "A Comfy Nook".  The center photo was taken while on my trip to Portugal.  It's a sea lion kissing me on the lips!  As you can see my little sister, Meagan, was smitten. And lastly, some fabric flowers I made yesterday to add some colour to the vases my mother passed down to me over the weekend (Stay tuned for a post on how to make these quick and easy no sew fabric flowers!). 

And best of all, with all the space I saved using my new cabinet I was able to give my Mr.Maverick a nice big drawer all to himself!  He's the luckiest 20 pound fur ball ever!

Maverick says, "Thank for stopping by everyone!"  ...... well actually he's probably saying, "You opened my darn drawer so where is my treat Mother!". HAHA

Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog!  Please stop by again. :)


  1. Love the space! You guys did a great job :)


  2. Your space looks amazing...can't wait to see your future creations.