Thursday, May 24, 2012

@-'-,-- How To Make Quick And Easy No Sew Fabric Flowers @-'-,--

So yesterday I promised to post a "how to" on making quick and easy no sew fabric flowers!   Over the long weekend my mother past down some old vases to me and I immediately began to think of what I could put in them. I'm not a huge fan of having live plants in my home as I worry about my Maverick.  So many plants are poisonous to cats, so I try to steer away from them. 

I had also recently ruined my favourite pair of comfy pants I had purchased in Italy.  These things happen to artists.  Then it hit me!  What a great way to keep the memory of my fabric items without having bags of old ruined clothes hanging around my home.

You don't need much to make these beautiful flowers. Here are all of the items I used.

1. Fabric
2. Scissors
3. Skewer Sticks
4. Glue Gun
5. Buttons or Embellishments
6. Pipe Cleaners (If you wish to make the Bonbon looking one)

Well here are the links that will show you how to make each of these cute little no sew fabric flowers.  I hope you enjoy!  If you do make some, leave me a comment and let me know how it went. :)

We'll Begin With The Easiest Ones:

Click HERE

These Are More Time Consuming But They Look Great:

Click HERE

You Can Even Turn Them Into A Necklace:

Click HERE

Here Is Where Your Pipe Cleaner Comes In Handy:

Click HERE


  1. Cool! What a neat idea to preserve memories! :)

  2. Super cute idea!

  3. That is a really great use of fabric. Wow. Love it.

  4. Love it....Gonna have to try these :D Amazing!