Saturday, April 24, 2010

My First Sale!

I am very happy to announce that I have sold my very first piece of art. Erin Kelly from Pembroke, Ontario has purchased my piece "Mockery". It is a narrative collage which was created with storybook pages on posterboard. The piece portrays a princess that magically beheads all of the princes who come to wed her. It attempts to mock the societal ideal that all women should grow up to be "perfect" women and should find "perfect" men to marry them. It is an unrealistic and poisonous message that our modern cartoons help spread. Thank you for your support Erin!

Mockery - Disney Books Characters Die

Here is a photo of the piece "Mockery". I hope you enjoy it Erin!

This is a photo of Erin Kelly (Right) and I (Left) at our Education Graduation Luncheon. Erin and I both specialized in teaching junior and intermediate History.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Opening Night Of The 2010 Nipissing Fine Arts Juried Exhibition At White Water Gallery

I thought it might be nice to post a couple of photos from the opening night of the show.
Hope you enjoy them. :)

Nipissing Juried Exhibition - Malinda Prud'homme and Amanda Burke
This is a photo of my drawing professor, Amanda Burk and I in front of my piece "Window". She was very happy and proud to have an entire wall dedicated to drawings created by her drawing students. She is a lovely person and a fantastic teacher. Though I plan to keep in touch with her, I will miss her greatly.

Nipissing Juried Exhibition - Malinda Prud'homme and Eileen O'Connor
This is a photo of my fundamentals professor, Eileen O'Connor, and I in front of my piece "See". This is the piece that won the "Viewers Choice Award"!

I took this photo with my two amazing painting professors and their beautiful baby daughter. I learned a great deal from both of them and wish them all the best.

Here is a photo with my very supportive parents. Even though I had finished two university degrees they fully supported me in going back to school to pursue my artistic dream. I can't thank them enough for everything they have done for me! I love them very much.

Here is a photo of my partner and I. He has also been extremely supportive and encouraging. He has had such a positive affect on my life and I feel this has had a positive affect on my work.

Lastly, this is a photo of some fellow FAVA (Fine Arts/Visual Arts) ladies! Christine Charette (to my left) also had a piece in the show.
I have met some outstanding people this year while pursuing my artistic path and it really pains me to think that I will be leaving them all soon. I definitely hope we all keep in touch!


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I am very proud, happy, and excited to announce that my piece "See" from the series "One And The Same" has won the People's Choice Award, the only award given at the 2010 Nipissing Fine Arts Juried Exhibition at the White Water Gallery. The prize for this award is a set of oil paints and paint brushes. I could not be more excited!

My Etsy Shop Is Up And Running!

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If you are interested in purchasing any of my work or simply seeing more of my work please visit my new etsy shop at You may also join my facebook group to see all of the work I have for sale as well as pieces that have been sold, already have owners, or that are part of my personal collection. The link for my facebook group can be found bellow on the right or you can find it by searching Malinda Prud'homme - Mixed Media Visual Artist.

Nipissing Fine Arts Juried Exhibition

White Water Gallery Northbay
Two of my pieces have been selected to be in the 2010 Nipissing Fine Arts Jurid Exhibition at the White Water Gallery. The show runs from March 27th to April 17th so there is still time to see it!

charcoal drawing, charcoal artist, original artwork, mixed media artist, mixed media artist

This is one of the pieces to be accepted into the show. It is from my series "The Places We Live" and is entitled "Window". It was one of fourteen pieces to be selected out of more than fourty submissions. It is also for sale at my etsy shop for $160.00 plus shipping. If anyone is interested please contact me.

portrait artist, original artwork, mixed media art, mixed media artist, travel artist, beauty art, charcoal artist, charcoal drawing

This is my second piece to be accepted into the juried show. It is from the series "One And The Same" and is entitled "See". It is one of three pieces in this particular series. I am strongly connected to this series which is why, at this time, it is not for sale.
The other artists and pieces in the show are incredible! It is a lovely show and is worth seeing if you get a chance.
For more information go to this site ...

My Very First Blog Experience!

Hello Everyone!

This is my very first blog post ever! I honestly never thought I would become a blogger but I feel it's a good way to reach people and promote my art. My posts will discuss things that inspire my work, ideas on new series, progress on new pieces, upcoming events, and anything related to my art practice. It will remain a very professional blog and will discuss only things related to my work.
Thank you for coming and please visit again!