Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Make Your Own Light Box On A Budget

The photo of this art pendant necklace ($15.00 CAD) was taken using a hand made light box that cost the artist less than $10.00!

As a struggling artist it can be very hard to afford a professional quality camera, lens, lights, and light boxes.  After taking weeks to make my new pendant necklaces I finally went to take a picture and was shocked and appalled at the quality of the photos.  Here is how I was able to take beautiful photos of small jewelry using a cheap old digital camera.


1) A Box - Any size as long as it is large enough to fit the item you want to photograph.  Also, the box must have four sides and be made of tough cardboard.  I walked to my neighbourhood dollar store and asked for one which I received free of charge. - $0.00
2) Fabric - Any type of white fabric will do as long as all of the fabric you use is the same white.  I used my others half's used undershirts.  The stretch in the cotton shirts helped when building.  I used 2 t-shirts. - $5.00
3) White Bristol Board - This will be used to line the inside of the box and will also be used as the background.  You will need at least 3 sheets (buy 4 to be safe).  I bought mine at the local dollar store. - $2.00
4) Light - You will need a free standing light.  I used, and I believe it would work best, a desk lamp with movable head.  You will also need to use "Daylight" bulbs.  I bought one at my local dollar store. - $2.00
5) Miscellaneous Tools - Glue, Glue gun, Tape Ruler, Ruler, Scissors, Exacto Knife, Clamps.


A) In all four sides of the box, measure out a square that is two inches from the outside.  Cut out all of the boxes that you have drawn using an exacto knife.  When you have finished cut off the flaps in the top of the box leaving it open.  LEAVE THE BOTTOM OF THE BOX INTACT!

B) Using your Bristol board cut two inch thick strips until you have 16 of them.  Glue the Bristol board strips into the box covering the brown colour on the inside.  Make sure no markings or pieces of box can be seen.

C) Take another piece of Bristol board and cut it so that it is the same width as the inside of the box.  Make sure that the length of the Bristol board is much longer than the box. Place the long piece of Bristol board into the box.  Allow it to form a curve and then trim the excess paper.  Once in the right place glue the curved piece of Bristol board into place.

D) Cut the fabric to a size that will fit the holes in the sides of the box.  Here I used glue gun to secure the fabric but you may choose other options (tape, other glue).  If you use glue gun, begin in one corner and pull the fabric tight as you glue around the hole.  Do this process on three of the four holes.

E) Cut a larger piece of fabric and use the same technique to cover the top of the box.

F)  Take your light box and your "Daylight" lamp into a dark room containing no light.  Place your lamp so that the light is flashing through the top of the box.  The fabric will defuse the light giving the shadows a more even look.  The white interior will reflect the light giving your pictures a crisper look.


- When taking pictures of small items use the "Macro" setting on your camera.
- Place your object well inside the box
- Do not bend or crease your background as this will show up in your image
- If your images aren't coming out as you hoped try putting your camera further into the light box.


Friday, July 20, 2012

o0 My Beautiful Art Pendant Necklaces 0o

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For the past few weeks I have been working on these gorgeous art pendant necklaces that feature some of my favourite mixed media art creations. What at one point seemed like an easy task turned into quite the challenge with much learned in the process.  I think the final results are really lovely and at such a low price, $15.00 CAD, even those who cannot afford original art can enjoy my creations.  If anyone is interested in purchasing a pendant necklace they may do so through my Etsy shop HERE or they may contact me at Info@MalindaPrudhomme.com for a potential discount on shipping. I hope you find them as lovely as I do. :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

:) ARTMUSICCRAFTCOMEDY at The Smiling Buddah (:

I am incredibly fortunate to have been a part of the ARTMUSICCRAFTCOMEDY show that took place this past Saturday July 14, 2012.  The Smiling Buddha has a great atmosphere that lends itself to a gathering of artistic people.  We all enjoyed the exhibited art while watching a comedy sketch, listening to a poem, or enjoying good music.  One of the bands that was particularly good was Fionna Tough's band Mango Angle.  The amazing hostess definitely wowed the crowed with her phenomenal vocals, cheerful commentary, and delicious cupcakes.  I will gladly take part in any event that involves Fionna Tough!  What an amazing night!

Here are some pictures of the event!

My awesome wall space! Right at the entrance in front of the bar.

"All That Girls Love"

"As It Comes ..."

"Restless In Wonderment"

"The Witch Trials"

"One And The Same"

Artwork by Cherie Fawcett

The show begins!

I just love the atmosphere at The Smiling Buddha!

We gathered quite the crowd :)

It was a very fun event.

Positioned in the back near the excitement.

Near the music!

And lastly, Mango Angle! They were awesome!

Friday, July 13, 2012


Well tomorrow is the big night!  Today was filled with preparations (framing, packing, labelling) and has left me very excited for the event.  Again, if you are in the Toronto area please stop by for a very fun night.  Here are my art pieces you can expect to see in person tomorrow night! Remember, pictures never do art justice, especially finely detailed work such as mine. Hope to see you tomorrow night!

portrait painting, portrait artist, beauty art, travel artist

"One And The Same"

original artwork, original paintings, acrylic painting

"The Witch Trials"

mixed media art, mixed media artist, encaustic art, encaustic artist, original painting, original artwork

"As It Comes ..."

bamboo art, bamboo painting, portrait artist, portrait painting, christina hendricks art

 "All That Girls Love"

mixed media art, bamboo art, bamboo painting, mixed media artist, beauty art

"Restless In Wonderment"

Friday, July 06, 2012


I am very pleased to announce that I was asked to take part in a wonderful art (of many sorts) filled show called ARTMUSICCRAFTCOMEDY.  The show will be taking place on Saturday, July 14, 2012 at The Smiling Buddha (961 College Street Toronto, ON, M6H 1A6).  It will be running for one night only starting at 8:00pm and ending at 2:00am. If you are living in the Toronto area I would absolute love to see you!  It will be a very fun night. :)
A huge THANK YOU goes out to Fionna Tough who is the lovely person who invited me to take part in this amazing night.  Her band, Mango Angle, will be playing during this event, and after hearing some of their music, I must say this will be a treat indeed!
Plan on going? Want to hear more about it? Check out the facebook event!

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

"Restless In Wonderment" Featured On A Blog

mixed media art, bamboo art, bamboo painting, mixed media artist, beauty art

I am extremely honoured, once again, to have had one of my pieces chosen to be featured on a blog post.  The right piece from my newest series "Restless In Wonderment" was chosen for the soulful expression on the women's face. The blog post itself, "Why Selling Your Used Goods Is Healthy For Your Soul", is about the joys and benefits of selling items online.  It is a lovely and quirky post that I hope you will all visit and enjoy.  To view the blog post please click HERE.