Thursday, May 10, 2012

Opening Night Of The 2012 Mayworks Juried Exhibition At The Royal Canadian Legion

It's hard to believe a week has gone by since the opening night of the 2012 Mayworks Sudbury Juried Exhibition ... time just flies by!  The show, which took place last Thursday May 3rd, 2012, was quite the success.  As the tickets were completely sold out for the opening night, my family was lucky enough to get in!  Thankfully, since I wasn't able to make it, they were able to attend and take some photos for me! 

I was told that the show was a fun evening and I am glad the people who attended had a good time.  I just want to take this opportunity to thank all of them with all of my heart.  I know that life gets busy and time is precious, so for you to use some of that time to support me and my artistic career means more to me than anyone could ever imagine.  Thank you so much!

Let the photos begin!

The Venue: The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 76

The Theatre Production: Riveter

The Wall That My Series Was On

The Other Artists In My Family: My Father, Gilles And My Sister, Meagan

These Beautiful Ladies Are My Mother-In-Law Sally And My Mom Jennifer 

Here Are Some Photos Of The Other Art Pieces That Were On Display

A Lovely Wine And Cheese :)

And An Even Lovelier Place To Enjoy It!

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