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"LOVE" By Toronto Portrait Artist Malinda Prud'homme

Do a Collaborative Artwork with Malinda Prud'homme in this COLOURING CONTEST! You have until August 13th 2016 to complete your piece and submit it on my page wall or to! Your piece will be shared in an album on my page and will include your link if you provide one!  This is a great way to show off your talents and gain some new followers. BUT this contest isn’t only for artists; it’s for EVERYONE! No matter what your skill level is you still have a chance to win a great prize! :D  

PRIZE #1 ~ Personal Favourite:
Last year I held my first Colouring Contest and made it so that winners were either voted in or drawn at random. This created a bit of controversy so I am trying something different this time. A lot of artists wanted me to choose the winner based on my own opinion and at that time I didn’t feel very confident doing so. BUT this year I will be a judge for the ETA Awards leading the Technical Excellence category. I still firmly believe my opinion is not the be-and-end-all but to warm up to this task (taking place in September) I thought this would be great! For the SERIOUS artists out there (whether or not you’re full-time, part-time, or hobbyist) I’ll be choosing my personal favourite based on ... 

1) Clean use of materials
2) Creativity
3) Use of Colour

The WINNER will get to choose THREE 8” x 10” Art Prints from my entire collection! They will be shipped worldwide FREE of charge! This special prize also includes a post by yours truly on my blog about the winner’s artwork/passion! I’ll promote the blog on ALL of my social media sites reaching tens of thousands of people! :)  

PRIZE #2 ~ Random Draw:
I absolutely love my colouring sheet and the message of LOVE it holds. I wanted to make sure anyone of any age and any skill level would feel they could take part in the fun of this contest. Include your students/camp kids! Print some off and offer them to your clients/patients in the waiting area! Share these far and wide because there’s just something beautifully lethargic about a good ol’ colouring contest where participating is all that counts. EVERYONE who submits a colouring sheet will be included in my draw. 

The WINNER will also get to choose THREE 8” x 10” Art Prints from my entire collection! They will also be shipped worldwide FREE of charge!  :D 

Download your full 8.5" x 11" colouring sheet!  
Download the PDF: 
Download the JPG: 

Important Notice: 
You are free to change this image as you see fit however in order for it to be considered for the prizes it will have to resemble the original design in some way. Remove lines as much as you wish but the basic idea of the composition should be the same. Also, please do not remove my copyright notice from the colouring sheet. If it gets covered during the creative process please put it back on at the end. When the piece is complete please also include your copyright notice above mine so that we are both protected and are both given proper credit for the work we have done. When/If you post a picture of your completed piece online please be sure to mention that it is a collaborative piece done with Malinda Prud’homme (links would be appreciated but not required). It wouldn’t be honourable to claim full credit for something that was not done solely by yourself. I’m sure you all agree. :)  

Meaning Of The Artwork: 
I have spent many days on this piece and hold it very dear to my heart. It is titled “LOVE”. I was inspired by PRIDE which was recently celebrated here in Toronto. In my eyes these two beautiful women are in a loving committed relationship .... a beautiful and calming sight. I feel very connected to this idea because, although I am engaged to an incredible man, I am pansexual. If you haven’t heard the term before it means I am attracted to people based on who they are, regardless of gender or gender identity. I don’t really care about people’s bodies, they’re all beautiful, I care about people’s souls. Darren is the most beautiful soul I have ever met which is why I love him to pieces.  Needless to say I feel very connected to this theme of “Love”. I’m sure everyone here believes ALL love is good love, but I do understand that not everyone can personally relate to this type of love. If you decide you’d prefer to make these two women best friends, sisters, mother & daughter, and so on I will in no way be offended or take it as a slight towards the LGBT community. You may even depict one or both of the people as men if you wish. I titled the piece “LOVE” with big capital letters because I wanted it to encompass all possibilities of love. The type of love you depict is totally up to you! Follow your hearts my dearest supporters and spread love far and wide!

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