Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I Wish I Could Afford Your Art ...

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Being a full-time Artist I can completely relate to not being able to afford something I know I would cherish. I always wanted my work to be “affordable” to all but unfortunately it’s just not possible. The type of work I do is extremely detailed and therefore extremely time consuming. Every year my prices go up. This isn’t because of some sort of bloated self worth, it is because I am still not making minimum wage. It is my goal to make a comfortable living so seeing as I’m not making the minimum I must continue to raise my prices. While I am still booking work many months in advance, it does sadden me that I’ve lost a lot of my “blue-collar” clients.  Some who have seen the value of my work and are serious about owning a piece have suggested ways in which I can make the payment process easier on their finances. I have TWO options for those wanting to book custom artwork requests or pay for an original artwork, as well as for those who would like to give an artwork to a loved one as a gift. :)


You can purchase Gift Cards in ANY denomination! These make really lovely gifts because it gives the receiver a chance to decide on the image they would like painted. It’s definitely the best way to ensure that your special someone is 100% satisfied with their valuable gift. If you cannot afford the entire sum of a custom artwork or original artwork, you can buy multiple Gift Cards over time! Let your loved one know that you will be adding gift cards to their gifts until they have enough for that special artwork they want! Each Gift Card will have the cardholder’s name on it as well as a unique number. The purchaser’s name will also be recorded, copies of the card and receipt will be kept, so it won’t be possible to “duplicate” them. If you’re curious to know more you’re always welcome to e-mail me at Info@MalindaPrudhomme.com. :)


Another great option is payment plans. If you know exactly which artwork you’d like to purchase or have created specially for you, but can’t afford the full 50% down payment, you can pay monthly installments until the entire price is covered. The creation of the piece will commence during the time-frame that was booked ONLY when 50% of the total cost has been received. Monthly payments will continue until the entire cost + shipping fees have been collected! You can pay whatever increment you can afford on a monthly basis! This process ensures that those who seriously want a piece of artwork can afford to do so as long as they have the patience! If you’re interested feel free to e-mail me at Info@MalindaPrudhomme.com. :)

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