Thursday, March 19, 2015

My ACTUAL SELF In The Next Issue of HOLR Magazine!

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I'm so very fortunate to have met Neil Shelton, the Publisher of HOLR Magazine, at an outdoor Art Show! He has been so supportive and truly believes in my ability to succeed and thrive as an artist. He trusts so much in my career that he has given me the opportunity to show my work in his national magazine. In the first issue I was gifted with a centerfold featuring my "Curvy Beauties" series and a full page in the front of the magazine featuring my piece "One And The Same". In the next issue I was given the opportunity to show my HUGE Indian Bride painting "Preeti Ruby Indian Bride" on a full page. BUT THIS ISSUE is very exciting because he requested I ACTUALLY BE IN the feature along with my artwork! When we met to discuss it I was decked out in my usual PJ's, braid, and glasses; and he said he wanted me to look just as I did. Too cute! I definitely brought up my appearance a notch but still stayed true to my comfy down-to-earth look. I cannot believe my silly self will be in a NATIONAL LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE! I'm so blown away! This is definitely a fun issue worth checking your local Chapters or Indigo for! Stay tuned to any of these links to find out when it is released! 

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