Saturday, July 12, 2014

CALL FOR BEAUTY - True Beauty: An Untouched Project

True Beauty: An Untouched Project

I don’t know about you but I THINK in my sleep. Dreams are rare for me and instead of dreaming I think of the artworks I’m working on, updates I need to make, projects I need to work on, etc. This morning I woke up after a long night of thinking about my First Solo Exhibition which is taking place at Ben Navaee Gallery January 30th to February 5th 2015. I also thought about how I’d been wanting to do a large series featuring a beautiful variety of “everyday” women. Who is an “everyday” woman? A mother, teacher, hair stylist, artist, photographer, office worker, athlete, sister, pet owner, home maker, lab worker, nurse, model, student, absolutely EVERY woman is an “everyday” woman and I’m hoping to capture a diverse group. The key is that I will only be using untouched photos (not professionally edited) to capture the true beauty of each women. It may be a selfie or a photo someone took. It could even be an unedited photo that a photographer took. Using these beautiful untouched photos of women I will capture their true natural beauty using expressive colour and an emphasis on each woman’s unique facial features. This series will express the beauty of all women and in so doing allow any woman viewing the series to see the beauty in herself. It is my hope that this new series will be the focal point of my First Solo Exhibition.

Are you interested in submitting your beautiful face for this project?
Any woman from anywhere in the world, 14 years or older, can submit their images!
It does not matter what your profession, nationality, age, or size is.
YOU are beautiful and I would love to see your photos!
If you’d like your untouched/unedited images to be considered for this project please e-mail as many as you’d like to …

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