Thursday, November 22, 2012

X0X Missy Ink Magazine X0X

Something very exciting happened in the month of November!  I was approved for a half page spot in the upcoming December issue of Missy Ink Magazine

Missy Ink is a Canadian and International Alt, Pin-up, Ink and Culture online and print magazine.  It combines interests from a wide range of the artist spectrum. From tattoos to beauty, Missy Ink provides high quality content and bad ass images. Fine dinning for your eyes! SIN-cerely sexy!!!

I have been a huge fan of Missy Ink and photographer Dana Brushette for many years and am so thrilled about this opportunity.  I feel as though my beauty art will fit in seamlessly with this magazine and I am hoping to gain some recognition from the experience.

The upcoming issue I will be in will be available on December 3rd 2012 via MagCloud.

I can't wait to see it!