Sunday, November 25, 2012

Malinda Prud'homme @ EHP's Christmas Arts & Crafts Show

I had a really lovely day yesterday (November 24, 2012) at EHP's Christmas Arts & Crafts Show.  It was spent exhibiting and selling my Mixed Media Art Creations to those in the Roncesvalles community and beyond. 

The first highlight of the day was seeing my friend Linda Emery.  We used to work together at Mitchell Sandham Insurance (before I became a full time artist) and she was always a huge supporter of my art career.  We hadn't seen each other in almost a year and I was very touched that she had taken the time to come and show her support. 

The second highlight of the day was meeting Ashley Sirianni. My friend Jon King had introduced her to my work and when she came to the show her reaction to every piece I had exhibited made me smile so much my face hurt.  She really connected, not only with the imagery, but with the meaning behind the works as well.  I am excited and proud to announce that she purchased my original mixed media artwork "What is Beauty?" (seen on the bottom right hand corner in the image above).  This transaction marks the very first original artwork sale I made at a show.  Needless to say, I was truly ecstatic.

Please continue for more photos of the event. :)

My original set up first thing in the morning.

My double sided grid wall. Outer wall.

Inner wall.

Some vendors setting up and early morning shoppers.
Isn't the EHP United Church absolutely beautiful!?

My second set up design.  We felt this allowed more light to
flow over my work.  The church was rather dark (hence the
awful photo quality).

"As It Comes..." is still one of my favourites! Containing 16
different mediums from my travels around the world. :)

My brand new card rack!  It was quite the
investment but doesn't it look great?

The beautiful EHP Church and our lovely patrons. :)

SOLD!  My very first original artwork that sold at a sale!

A very proud artist with her newest patron
Ashley Sirianni!

"What is Beauty?" A beautiful original
artwork purchased by a beautiful woman.

Thank you so very much Ashley!  I am so
honoured that you connected with my work.
I hope it brings beauty and joy to your home. :)

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  1. Awesome! Sounds like you had a great day! Congrats on your sale. Great photos, thanks for posting. :)