Thursday, June 07, 2012

Hey Gotye! You need a new artistc idea for an upcoming video? I'm your girl :)

It has literally been MONTHS since I've wanted to make this post but with the new website and commissions it seems I've lost track of time.  Is it really June already? Oh my.

I couldn't be happier for Wally De Backer.  He has truly become a phenomena here in North America, but before there was all the hype, Darren and I came across this video, "Somebody That I Used To Know", through some good ol' YouTube surfing.  I was just BLOWN AWAY.  What an amazing way to bring two forms of art together!  This beautiful song is perfectly matched with this simple yet lovely abstract art.  It is truly my favourite video of all time ... and even though I tend to not agree with the masses when it comes to much of the arts ... I don't believe I'll be changing my mind about this guy anytime soon.

Upon further investigation of my new favourite artist I found that Wally uses both beautiful and original forms of visual art in each of his videos.  It is really so nice to see both musical art and visual art come together so seamlessly.

Does anyone know if he creates his artistic ideas on his own? If not then I send a shout out to Wally!  I would die for the chance at pitching a future artistic video concept or cover art!  An up-and-coming artists dream, really.  :)

Here are some of my other favourite videos and songs by Gotye.

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