Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Series And A Call For Beauty!

This morning I awoke with an amazing idea for a new series. I had been juggling with the idea of a new series that represents the female beauty (as I usually do) but couldn't figure out a way to make it unique and interesting. Well I think I've finally figured it out and I will need your help!

My Vision ...

The series will depict female faces in washes of watercolour as well as accents of encaustic wax paint. I have also decided to incorporate lace into each piece. However, I have yet to decide whether to incorporate patterns of lace with gold and silver leaf OR to actually incorporate real lace. 

The Meaning ...

I want to express, true female beauty (inner beauty/personality/character) without any of the typical external enhancements (makeup, clothing, accessories, etc.). I hope to make this statement through the individual uniqueness of each piece. For example, the colours of each female face will be chosen by that specific woman and will in some way reflect their inner beauty or personality. I will also strive to emphasize each woman's unique features to show the rarity of individuals. Lastly, the accents of lace, which will be added last, will be different for each woman and will represent the truly unique and intricate nature of women.

My Call for Beauty ...

I am asking that YOU take part in this series! I welcome and encourage all women, no matter their age, weight, or ethnicity. I am looking for a wide variety of women so please do not hesitate to take part! 
What I need from Each Candidate ...

1) A good quality picture (Not blurry) of your face that best expresses (in your opinion) your individual beauty.
2) A list of at least three colours that you feel defines your inner beauty/personality and briefly explain why.
3) I will also need some typical facts: Name, age, location, profession (What you are studying), and your most dominant interests.

I will be taking candidates until Nov 1st 2010.
Please e-mail me at
I look forward to hearing from all you gorgeous girls!

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