Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Malinda Prud'homme TOTE BAGS! :D

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Like most artists I offer a whole variety of items with my artworks on it. With the exception of my Etsy Shop, I depend on outside manufacturers to make the items for my fans to enjoy. I have a Fashion Clothing line with VIDA (currently under re-construction) and a print/everyday item shop with Pixels (also known as Fine Art America).  On occasion I will purchase my own items to test out the quality of the products I'm providing. TWO years ago I purchased this beautiful "Golden Indian Bride" Tote Bag from my own print shop and was not disappointed. The image quality is gorgeous and the bag is built really sturdy. It has been my go to bag for all of my running around, including quick grocery runs, since I received it and it's still kicking! I figured since the quality and look of this bag is so great it wouldn't hurt to share my experience. You can get your own Tote Bag with any of my artworks on it at my Print Shop HERE! Happy shopping! :) 

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