Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Indian Portrait TIME Breakdown!

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Hey Folks! Sometimes it’s hard to grasp how much TIME goes into an #Artwork just by looking at it. I thought it might be interesting to break down my latest #IndianBride #Portrait #Painting. For me, time is based on size, but more importantly, amount of detail. Every artist has a different style and method so times, and therefore prices, can vary greatly from person to person. This is just a taste of what I’ve got going on. :)

I would consider this piece to be an easier LESS TIME consuming #Indian #Bride portrait and here’s why:
1) It’s only 8” x 10”
2)The eyes are closed
3)The mouth is closed
4)Very little hair is showing (hair is super time consuming)
5)Very little blending needed on clothing

- Drawing - 3hrs
- Acrylic layers (Background, clothing, beginning of metallics) - 8hrs
- Finish acrylic metallics - 3hrs
- First layer on flesh tones (oil paint begins) - 1hr
- Second layer on flesh tones - 3hrs
- Creating gold oil paint - 1hr
- Outlining veil, starting the hair, starting outline of matha patti and tikka (head jewelry) - 8hrs
- Finish outlining matha patti and tikka, eyebrows, start eyes, continue hair - 10hrs
- Complete most of the eyes - 8hrs
- Finish eyes, nose, nath (nose ring), shoulder, and left earring - 10hrs
- Finish lips, right earring, necklace, and veil - 8hrs
- Detail on veil and clothing, sorting and placing gems, start gem adhering - 8hrs
- Finish adhering the gems - 8hrs
- Paint the sides of the canvas - 1hr

Keeping in mind that these times only reflect the work physically done on the piece and not the many hours that go into sharing progress photos, promoting the piece, photographing the piece and editing the photos, posting listings, posting it on my website, creating a blog post, and on and on. :)

Is this what you were expecting? Does it shock anyone? Does this help better grasp why my prices still need to go up? I’d love to know if anyone found this interesting or insightful. :)

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