Monday, January 09, 2017

Practice, Practice, Practice!

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Here are the only two self portraits I have ever done! The first one, created back in 2003, was done for one of my art classes in Secondary School. I remember at the time I really didn't like it and felt slightly discouraged. For 5 years I didn't pick up a pencil or paint brush to create art (while in University) but as soon as I did I found I was mostly drawn to portraiture again. So I kept at it. I practiced and practiced and practiced. I made work and instead of being hard on myself I noticed how each piece got better and better! Now I'm a full-time portrait artist being sought out for commissions from clients all over the world! If you're passionate about something but aren't currently skilled at it, don't give up! Amazing things take time! Keep at it and be proud of every piece of your journey. You've got this! 

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