Friday, October 21, 2016

I'm Looking For An Artist Protégé!

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I'm Looking For An Artist Protégé!

Hi! I'm Malinda! I've been working as an artist professionally for the past six years. The first two years were part-time while working other jobs and the last four years have been full-time. My career began with me experimenting with styles and mediums and doing the usual craft and outdoor shows. But by the time I was ready to take the leap into a full-time art career I had become an established portrait artist being sought after for commissions. The last four years have been a whirlwind of unbelievable experiences and really hard battles. While I was being awarded for the Technical Excellence of my work, exhibiting my artwork overseas, and gaining clients from all over the world; I was also getting sicker and sicker from an unknown illness that had my doctors stumped. This past Spring I finally received a diagnosis of Axial Spondyloarthritis (an auto-immune disease) and though I still suffer on a daily basis I am glad to say my life is beginning to get back on track. At this stage in my career, and with this disease slowing me down, I need someone to help me with the smaller stuff so I can get back to what's most important in my business; creating my beautiful artwork. I'm ready to take this incredible career of mine even further and I'm looking for someone to join me on that journey while at the same time fostering the beginnings of their amazing career! If you're an Emerging Artist who thinks working with a Mid-Career Artist would be a valuable learning experience you've come to the right place! :) 


- Unpaid Protégé Position
While I wish I could pay you I simply don't have the means. Only apply if you feel you'll benefit from the experience.

- 3-4 Hours A Week 
(1 Day A Week)
If you feel you're really benefiting from it we can discuss doing a bit more. 

- Office Assistant
You would be required to help me with ...

- Social Media
- E-Mails
- Website
- Photo Editing
- Promo Exhibitions
- Promo Art Items

- Studio Assistant
You would be required to help me with ...

- Prepping artwork surfaces
- Basic painting on backgrounds
- Basic painting on base layers
- Help with Solo Exhibitions

- Help with an occasional Outdoor Show

What's In It For YOU?

- Learn the ins and outs of a successful art business and career.

- Refine your painting skills, learn new techniques, and work with new materials.

- You'll have the opportunity to ask questions and bring in your work for help or critique. 

- Gain more knowledge about Online Marketing. 

- Delve into the Toronto art scene with Malinda at your side. Get a sense of what galleries or venues might be right for you. 

- Learn how to properly photograph your work and edit it using Photoshop. 

- See the process of what comes AFTER you're done your painting.

- Experience what it takes to prepare and put on a Solo Exhibition.

- Learn how to keep up with the accounting side of your business.

- And I'm sure there will be more! :)


- Must have experience using social media. (ex. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

- If your art career has a focus on portraiture that would be a plus but it is certainly not necessary.

- Your artistic style must be very clean.

- Knowledge of colour theory and ability to match and mix colours is important. 

- Must be able to paint precisely and stay within drawn lines. You will not be asked to blend or do details. 

- You may be asked to help with mundane artistic tasks such as adhering hundreds of gems or painting in base layers of hair one strand at a time.

- Availability from Monday to Friday, between 8AM-6PM would be highly preferred however all are encouraged to apply.

- You must be a non-judgmental person. You'd be working in our cozy little home and I'm a quirky gal. :) 

- You cannot be against or adverse to cannabis. This is my legal medicine for my disease and it will be used while I work.

- You cannot be allergic or unfriendly to pets as we have a big 20 pound cat named Maverick and you'd be working along side him in HIS home. <3 nbsp="" span="">

- I would love a person who is kind, easy-going, and generally upbeat; BUT you must also be a hard worker who is determined to help and learn. 

- Ideally my Protégé would know me a little so if you aren't familiar with my personality, artwork, or career, you may want to check me out before submitting your application. Visit my social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube.


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