Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Upcoming Solo Exhibitions

Everything happens for a reason ... 

Though I'm definitely feeling better than I was last summer I knew I wouldn't have the energy needed for my usual Outdoor Exhibition schedule. That plus an abundance of commissions and a September wedding to plan meant it absolutely would not happen this summer. I was a bit bummed. It's a ton of work doing outdoor shows but it's so nice to hear people speak about my work in person. Submission deadline after submission deadline passed. I would briefly consider them and eventually realize, nope, not gonna happen. 

But it was all meant to be! Over the past week I've been contacted by multiple different venues offering me FREE Solo Shows in their establishments. So on top of my 2nd Solo Gallery Exhibition (Gallery 50 - November 2016) and my 3rd Solo Gallery Exhibition (Ben Navaee Gallery - March 2017), my ENTIRE SUMMER is booked with two Solo Shows; one at The Kingston Social (ALL OF JUNE) and the other at Living City Health (ALL OF JULY & AUGUST)! I am so excited to fill these awesome venues with my artwork! 

Here's the dates to mark down in your calendars ... 

1) Solo Exhibition @ The Kingston Social
June 1st - 27th 2016
OPENING Reception - Most Likely Friday June 3rd 2016

2) Solo Exhibition @ Living City Health
July 1st - August 26th 2016
OPENING Reception - July 7th 2016

3) SOLO Gallery Exhibition @ Gallery 50
November 16th - 20th 2016
OPENING Reception - Saturday November 19th 2016

4) SOLO Gallery Exhibition @ Ben Navaee Gallery
March 17th - 23rd 2017
OPENING Reception - Saturday March 18th 2017

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