Friday, February 15, 2013

Calling All Musicians! Promote Your Music For Free!

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Mixed Media Artist Malinda Prud'homme is currently in the process of creating "How To" and "Time Lapse Painting" videos which are becoming quite the trend. In order to support musicians who are at the beginning of their careers she is putting out a call to all musicians. 

She is looking for songs in any genre that may suit her style of artwork.  The chosen songs will be used as the music to her artistic videos.  These videos will be uploaded onto YouTube and Facebook in order to promote the artist.  Yet the videos also give the musicians an opportunity to get there name out there.  Malinda will glady apply a slide at the end of the video that is dedicated to the music.  On this page the musician's name and song title will be placed as well as a logo if desired, but most importantly, any links (no more than 3) to the musicians sites will be easily seen in hopes that viewers may pay them a visit. 

Those interested in submitting their song can e-mail their music file to with the heading "Music Submission". 

NOTE:  Please do not submit music that has excessive cussing or themes of illegal nature.  Though these songs may not offend the artist she realizes that they may offend some of her followers.  If you are unsure do not hesitate to contact her.  Thank you for understanding. :)

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