Thursday, August 02, 2012

"Love Birds" Tattoo Design

While visiting our friends, Carolyn and Freddy Galea, I was asked to help them draw what would eventually become tattoo's for their wedding anniversary.  These birds, which are actually kissing, were the cake topper of their wedding cake. 

Using the cake topper I drew three different angles of the birds as requested by Freddy.  The original drawings are just soft drawings.  Also, notice that I drew the birds further away from each other as Freddy and Carolyn intended on getting one bird tattooed onto each of them so that when brought together they would be kissing.

Once I got the proportions right I then decided to draw in the lines darker with a 6B pencil so that they would show up darker when applying the images in Photoshop.

Once these were complete I put them into Photoshop and altered them so that they could be tattooed easily. Here are the finished products!

Please let me know which angle you prefer!

If anyone is interested in having a tattoo designed please do not hesitate to ask. :)

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