Thursday, May 20, 2010

Idea For A New Series!

I have said countless times that this past year in North Bay has truly been the best year of my life. I have thoroughly enjoyed being immersed in art again and have met some amazing people. I have been talking about creating a series that reflects the beauty I have seen in North Bay for some time now. For me, the city exudes a sense of warmth and community and is clearly steeped with historical elegance. I have gone biking and on many walks while being here and what strikes me most about this city, and what I feel reflects its personality, is the beautiful architecture and its ability to maintain its historical presence while still becoming modern. When I return from Europe I hope to do a large series that mirrors this beauty. I have purchased an arm full of old sheets at thrift stores across town and hope to do a large series of, perhaps panoramic, mixed media paintings on them. At this point I feel like the paintings would depict the amazing architecture I have seen that is so characteristic of North Bay. I really think it will be a lovely series!

Northbay Ontario
Northbay Ontario

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  1. I like this exposes me to a different side of your personality that I haven't really gotten to know. Excited to see the series.

    - Melanie (the one you dressed up with for Halloween as how you used to dress...just in case you know a few Melanie's!)